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Initial Findings

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Published Articles

The Study of Mentoring in the Learning Environment (SMILE): A randomized study of the effectiveness of school-based mentoring. [pdf]

Mentoring programs: A framework to inform program development, research, and evaluation. [pdf]

Conference Presentations

“No fooling around:” The role of play, activities, and pressure to succeed academically in SBM outcomes. [pdf]

“The problem of Catch and Release” and “50 ways to leave your mentee.” [pdf]

The Study of Mentoring in the Learning Environment (SMILE): A functional approach to predicting mentor satisfaction from mentoring interactions. [pdf]

The role of mentor-mentee ethnicity similarity in mentees’ connectedness to other cultures. [pdf]

A mixed methods approach to identifying factors that influenced Latino mentees' changes in connectedness after mentoring. [pdf]

A multi-school randomized trial of school-based mentoring: Moderating effects of dose, gender, and age on outcomes. [pdf]

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